4. Create an html page with following specifications


a.     Title should be about MYCOLLEGE

b.    Put the windows Logo image in the background

c.     Place your College name at the top of the page in large text followed by address in smaller size

d.    Add names of courses offered each in a different color, style and typeface.

e.     Add scrolling text with a message of your choice

f.      Add college image at the bottom

Program :




<title>MY COLLEGE</title>


<body background="white">


<font size="20">NR Classes<large> Pune <large><br><br>

<font color="Blue" size="5">BBA(Computer Application)</font><br>

<u><font color="orange" size="6">Bca</font></u></br>

<i><font color="red" size="7">Bcs</font></i>

<marquee >Improve Your Programming With Us</marquee>

<br><br><img src="NRC.png"height="100px"></br></br>




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