Tuesday 11 August 2020

Python for Data Science


For Data Science ( 6th Batch )

Duration : 60 Days (90 Hours  ) 
Start Date: 12th August 2021   |  Time : 11:30 AM - 1 PM
FEES : Rs. 15000 Rs.4000/-
In this course, we are going to cover the basic as well as advance python concepts. Starting from the environment setup to the database and python connectivity. This is the first step to enter into the data science field. 
Important: This will be a live hands-on training session. It's a two-way session students can ask their doubts like they ask in the classroom 

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Monday 27 July 2020

Jr. Web Developer

Jr. Web Developer

HTML | CSS | JavaScript 

Duration : 16 Days ( 24 Hours )    |    Start Date: 10th Aug 2020   |  Time : 7.30 AM - 9.00 AM
FEES : Rs. 5000 Rs.1200

After successful completion of the first batch with a huge response, Here is the schedule for the Second Batch on student's demand.
We guarantee that you will fell in love with the programming.

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This course is focused on beginners and will take you all the way from 'what does that even stand for' to creating real-life projects using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript-- and understanding why and how you just did it.
Important: This will be a live hands-on training session. It's a two-way session students can ask their doubts like they ask in a classroom 

Sunday 14 June 2020

Online Courses

Java Programming

The Complete Beginner Course

Duration : 60 Days (90 Hours  )
Start Date: 20th July 2020   |  Time : 6 PM - 7.30 PM | 8 AM - 9.30 AM
FEES : Rs. 10000 Rs.2400/-

I Want Demo

Yes! we are online 

considering the safety of our students in this corona pandemic, we have shifted our classes online.

Take advantage of this. There is no distance limitation, just learn from Prof. Ramdas Sir and Prof. Neha Mam. This will be the two-way online session like the process goes in the classroom. Just attend the demo lectures once and decide whether to continue or not, but we are sure you will continue. 

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CourseCourse Short Description
Jr. Web Developer Course

Jr. Web Developer Course

HTML | CSS | JavaScript

Logic Building with C programming


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