Monday 27 July 2020

Jr. Web Developer

Jr. Web Developer

HTML | CSS | JavaScript 

Duration : 16 Days ( 24 Hours )    |    Start Date: 10th Aug 2020   |  Time : 7.30 AM - 9.00 AM
FEES : Rs. 5000 Rs.1200

After successful completion of the first batch with a huge response, Here is the schedule for the Second Batch on student's demand.
We guarantee that you will fell in love with the programming.

I Want Demo

This course is focused on beginners and will take you all the way from 'what does that even stand for' to creating real-life projects using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript-- and understanding why and how you just did it.
Important: This will be a live hands-on training session. It's a two-way session students can ask their doubts like they ask in a classroom 


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